Methods Hub

Methods Hub

The Institute for Clinical and Applied Health Research (ICAHR) Methods Hub provides a multidisciplinary methodological resource to support the full range of applied health research, from evidence synthesis to quantitative and qualitative designs. Our role is to help the region’s clinicians and researchers lead on pioneering applied health research which advances improvements in diagnosis, treatments and care for patients.


  • to provide methodological support to facilitate applied health research of the highest quality and impact
  • to bring together researchers, clinicians and methodologists to lead substantive applied health research
  • to work closely with patients and their families, and ultimately to make a difference to their lives


The Methods Hub can provide you with methodological support for funding, designing, conducting and analysis of your research. Ideally we work in collaboration with the research teams from the grant application stage.

Our research methodologists are experienced in a wide range of applied health research approaches. We lead our own substantive research, as well as provide first-rate support to others involved in designing and conducting research.

The Methods Hub team

The Hub co-locates the best health research methodologists from around the Faculty of Health Sciences at the University of Hull, including Hull York Medical School, who are experienced in innovative applied methods design, and lead methodological and substantive research.

The team includes researchers with expertise in evidence synthesis, health services research (both quantitative and qualitative), health psychology, behaviour change, public health and implementation science.

Dr Maureen TwiddyMethods Hub Lead / Senior Lecturer in Mixed Methods
Prof Liz WalkerProfessor of Health and Social Work Research
Dr Mark PearsonReader of Implementation Science
Prof Lesley SmithProfessor of Women’s Public Health
Dr Chao HuangStatistician
Prof Alan RigbyStatistician
Dr Ireneous SoyiriStatistician