Data Services

Data Services

We provide a suite of regulatory compliant services to allow the efficient development and delivery of your research project, this includes; secure collaborative cloud based storage with full audit trail and document control, eSignature to facilitate approvals process, remote data capture.

The Hull Health Trials Unit is compliant with the NHS Data Security and Protection Toolkit. All organisations that have access to NHS patient data and systems must use the DSPT to ensure that they are practicing good data security and that personal information is handled correctly. Organistations demonstrate compliance via completion of the DSPT online tool. This is a self assessment tool that allows organisations to measure their performance against the National Data Guardian’s 10 data security standards. The HHTUs DSPT is reviewed and can be audited by NHS digital with results of any audits publicly available. The HHTU DSPT compliance can be seen via the link below:

Type of Data Service

A glossary of the type of data services that are provided by the HHTU. This can be used when viewing our Data Services Project table below.

Electronic Data Capture. The HHTU use a regulatory compliant cloud based electronic data capture system, REDCap Cloud. We will work with you to; design workflows, eCRF and database, coordinate data queries and data cleaning, export data for reporting and analysis. Data can be entered remotely by your study staff or participants from any computer or device (tablets and mobile), facilitating efficient and accurate data collection. REDCap incorporates; eCRF, patient information, eConsent, regulation-compliant web-based randomisation, surveys, data import and reporting. It can integrate screening and data collection for a seamless path from first contact through to follow up in one system.

EDC Suvey
Electronic Data Capture Survey. EDC Surveys are delivered through our regulatory compliant cloud based electronic data capture system, REDCap Cloud. The system can be used to deliver open access surveys to wide audiences or integrated into a research study database streamlining the collection of questionnaires such as Patient-Reported Outcomes (PROMS). Participants can be invited to respond directly at specific time points through automated email invitations and reminders. Furthermore, our system supports the convenient queuing and simultaneous delivery of multiple surveys in a single request.

The HHTU can provide a service for studies to provide electronic consent as a convenient option for their participants by using a cloud based eSignature provider (Docusign). The HHTU can set up the study consent form as a template and create a workflow that, once set up, can be used independently by the researchers.

Data Storage
HHTU use Box for data storage. This is a collaborative cloud storage with the HHTU instance administered solely by HHTU staff. It is fully accredited to meet GDPR rules for holding special category data. HHTU details in SOPs how personal and sensitive data is handled in Box and including training and a user agreement must be signed before access to data can be provided and permissions can be provided at a file or folder level. These controls allow for extra security when using identifiable, sensitive and or personal data. Examples are: CAG data, transferring data to an external such as a transcriber, to receive data from providers such as HUTH, to store study data collection and to store scanned copies of paper data.

HHTU follow the HYMS Transcription process where the transcriber must have a signed confidentiality agreement and then for each study a project annex is then completed. These forms detail the process of transfer and the terms that the transcriber must work to. Transcription data is stored in Box and HHTU also have a transcription folder structure which is also then detailed in a project working instruction.

Data Safe Haven
The Hull DSH uses a Trustworthy Research Environment provided by AIMES. This provides a secure analytics environment via a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) which is accessed by users via a VPN and 2 factor authentication. You can find more about the University of Hull Data Safe Haven and the projects we are hosting by clicking here.

Our Data Service Projects

See the table below for the current portfolio of studies the HHTU is leading and collaborating on.

Where there is a project page for the study the study name will link out to it.
The table can be filtered using the search box or sorted by clicking the column headers.

Study NameType of Data ServiceStatus
Prof Tom Phillips, University of Hull

Collaborative Assertive Alcohol Care in Hull. A qualitative evaluation of the Hull Alcohol Assertive Outreach Treatment service and a clinical audit to support the collaborative multi-method service evaluation of alcohol assertive outreach in Hull.
Transcription and Consent Data StorageIn Set Up
Charlotte Alder, University of Sheffield

A multi-stage pharmacokinetic and clinical study to develop a non-invasive Short Synacthen Test (SST) with nasally administered Synacthen and salivary cortisol, establish normative data in children and delineate risks for adrenal suppression in asthmatic children.
Nurun Tania, PhD

What do patients with alcohol related liver disease and clinicians working with this patient group perceive to be the barriers and facilitators to accessing alcohol support following an inpatient hospital admission?
Transcription and Data StorageRecruiting
The PAAD Study
Buse Apel, PhD

Physical Activity among Alcohol Dependent Service Users: A Qualitative Exploration of the Attitudes, Barriers and Facilitators from Service User and Health Care Professional Perspectives.
Transcription and Data StorageRecruiting
Resistance in Diabetic Wounds
Snehal Kadam, PhD

Exploring the Microbiome & Antibiotic Resistance in Diabetic Wounds.
Data Storage from Hull University Teaching HospitalsRecruiting
Prof Fliss Murtagh, Hull York Medical School

Improving health status and symptom experience for people living with advanced cancer: A process evaluation of the RESOLVE Person-Centred Outcome Measures (PCOMs) implementation strategy.
EDC SurveyIn Analysis
Liver Clinic DNA Rates
Julna Karavdra and Nikhil Vanukuru, Year 4 MBBS Students

Attendance rates at liver clinics for patients with alcohol use disorders and alcoholic liver disease.
Data Storage from Hull University Teaching HospitalsClosed
Dr Olufiakayo Bamidele, Hull York Medical School

Experiences of cancer diagnostic pathways and care during the COVID-19 pandemic.
eConsent, Transcription and Data StorageRecruiting
Helen Roberts, Hull York Medical School

Expression of interest in the Patient and Public Involvement Network.
EDC Survey and Data StorageOpen
Dr Julie Walabyeki, Hull York Medical School

Improving help-seeking for lung symptoms in Hull.
Dr Mark Pearson and Dr Gillian Jackson, Hull York Medical School

Improving the Detection, Assessment, Management, and Prevention of Delirium in Hospices – Co-design and feasibility study of a flexible and scalable implementation strategy to deliver guideline-adherent delirium care.
Transcription and Data storageIn Analysis
Michael Patterson, PhD

Palliative management of malignant bowel obstruction.
CAG Data StorageIn Analysis
Dr Petra Pollux, University of Lincoln

The Cognitive Daisy (COG-D) in care homes to support person-centred care: A feasibility CRT.
Prof Jervoise Andreyev, Lincoln County Hospital

Organic disease masquerading as IBS: an RCT in primary care: The Lincolnshire Poacher Study (Promoting Optimal Assessment to Change Health and Engineer an Economic Revolution).
EDCIn Follow Up
Dr Maureen Twiddy, Methods Hub

Near Infrared Fluorescence (NIRF) Imaging to prevent Post-surgical Hypoparathyroidism (PoSH) after Thyroid Surgery (NIFTy) – preparatory qualitative work prior to a phase II/III pragmatic, multicentre randomised controlled trial.
EDC SurveyClosed
Prof Tom Phillips, University of Hull

National Survey of Alcohol Dependent Service Users following the COVID Outbreak
Lung Health Study
Prof Michael Crooks, Hull University Teaching Hospitals

The Hull Lung Health Study: a prospective cohort study of Lung Health Check participants in Hull.
eConsent and Data StorageRecruiting
Prof Shaji Sebastian, Hull University Teaching Hospitals

Evaluating Clinical, Endoscopic and Biomarker Variables in Assessment, Treatment and Outcome End points in Acute Severe Ulcerative Colitis.
EDCIn Follow Up
Prof Una Macleod, Hull York Medical School

Cancer diagnosis via Emergency Presentation: a case-control study.
CAG Data StorageClosed
Telemedicine in Addictions
Dr Soraya Mayet, Hull University Teaching Hospitals

Feasibility study of Telemedicine in Addiction Randomised Controlled Trial.