Study Design: Randomised Feasibility Basket Trial
Disease Area: Cancer
Funder: Yorkshire Cancer Research
Sponsor: University of Hull
Chief Investigator: Dr Cindy Forbes
Trial Registration: ISRCTN97662203

A personalised home-based exercise programme for patients with cancer in
Yorkshire (CANFit)


This study will compare a personalised home-based exercise programme with support from exercise professionals against NHS standard care. People who have finished their primary treatments for early-stage, high-risk lung, breast or bowel cancers, and are at higher risk of their cancer returning, will take part for 2 years. Results from this study will inform the design of a larger scale trial and provide initial evidence of whether more active people have longer, healthier lives without cancer returning than those who are less active after cancer treatments.

The exercise programme will be tailored to baseline measurements (including cancer type) and what (if any) access they have to outside space or exercise equipment. The intervention will include weekly appointments with a qualified professional via video chat or telephone. The programme will include cardio, strength, and flexibility/balance training. Appointments will initially be 3 times per week, then progressively taper to none by the end of 6 months. We will record feasibility outcomes of recruitment rates, intervention delivery and adherence, and adverse events. Clinical measures of disease-free survival will also be collected, alongside patient-reported quality of life, and physical function measures.

What we plan to do

To add to the currently limited evidence-base to see if exercise programmes impact on patient survival outcomes, and to explore the feasibility of a model of personalised exercise programmes that could be implemented as part of patient’s standard cancer care.

To explore if it is possible to complete a larger, multi-centre study of a tailored, home-based exercise programme to look at disease-free survival among early-stage high-risk recurring cancers.

Chief Investigator

Dr Cindy Forbes Career Development Research Fellow - Hull York Medical School

Study team

Dr Alex Bullock - Trial Manager
Jordan Curry - Research Assistant
Sebastian Hernandez - Research Assistant
Ciaran McNaughton - Research Assistant
Ed Smith - Research Assistant - based at Sheffield Hallam University
Bronwen Williams - Operations Manager
Judith Cohen - HHTU Director
Phil Best - Data Manager


Professor Micheal Lind Professor of Oncology - University of Hull
Professor John Saxton Professor in Clinical Exercise Physiology - University of Hull
Dr Chao Huang Statistician - University of Hull
Dr Maureen Twiddy Reader in Mixed Methods - University of Hull
Dr Robin Young Consultant Medical Oncologist - University of Sheffield
Dr Mark Pearson Reader in Implementation Science - University of Hull
Dr Caroline Wilson Consultant Medical Oncologist - Sheffield Teaching Hospitals
Professor Gerry Richardson Professor of Health Economics - University of York
Professor Robert Copeland Professor of Physical Activity and Health - Sheffield Hallam University
Dr Liam Humphries Senior Research Fellow - Sheffield Hallam University
Dr Gillian Jackson Research Fellow in Palliative Care - University of Hull

Email address

Participating Sites and their Project Investigators

  • Hull University Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust Dr Annet Pillai
  • Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust Dr Alice Dewdney

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