Getting Started

Getting Started

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Welcome to CANFit UK.

Exercise can provide many benefits, both physical and psychological, for those who have had a diagnosis of bowel cancer cancer. However, sometimes it is hard to know what is safe and effective, or even to know where and how to get started.

The aim of the CANFit program is to give you reliable and effective exercise advice. You can think of the program as a compass, you can use it as you like, when you like, to get to where you want to go. The website has a lot of informative and educational resources specially put together for those who have had a diagnosis of bowel cancer cancer, and many will be personally tailored to you!


Exercise has been shown to have numerous health benefits for those who have been diagnosed with cancer. For example, exercise has shown positive outcomes for physical health (e.g. increased muscle mass and increased balance), psychological (e.g. reduced anxiety, stress, and depression), social (e.g. being out, socialising, and communicating with old friends and meeting new), and spiritual health (e.g. sensing of surrounding and belonging, sense of connectedness).

There is a vast range of benefits which include an increase in breathing capacity and lung function, reduced fatigue, increased muscular strength and mass, and improvements in sleep quality, to name a few! We will discuss more of these benefits in the Benefits of Exercise module later on this website.

It is never too late to start being active. As we mentioned above, there are lots of benefits to being physically active before, during, and after treatment. Within this website, you will be guided through modules to help you learn how to become more active and be active safely in relation to having received a diagnosis of bowel cancer cancer, and some educational modules to supplement being active and living a healthy lifestyle.

It can be extremely challenging to start exercising and being more active. The first step towards physical activity is one of the most challenging. Though, you have taken the first step already by coming to this website! Which is GREAT, congratulations!

A common misconception about being active is that in order to get exercise, you must go to a gym and lift heavy weights or run on a treadmill, this is not the case. Exercise and physical activity can come in many shapes and forms, which we will review on this website.

At times it may be tough to stick with the programme, and you may wonder why some of the modules are important or relevant. The website is designed to work with and off the other modules following evidence-based literature. If you need to reach out and talk with us at any time, you can find the help button in the top right corner of the page.

Get started
How do I get started?

When you finish reading this page and go back to the home page, you will notice there are some modules for you to investigate. We would like to ask you to do them when you are in a weekly fashion. The modules are headed with which weeks they should be viewed.

We also have an extra information section full of useful resources and content for you to view if it interests you. The modules are intended to be viewed weekly, as they are aimed to align with the appointments you have with a member of the research team.

Your personalised exercise programme.

One feature of CANFit is a personalised 6-month aerobic and resistance training exercise programme provided by an exercise specialist from the CANFit team. You will receive a specially crafted exercise programme complete with descriptors and graphics to facilitate safe and effective workouts. This programme can be completed at home, in your local area, or at your nearby gym.

It is advisable to have a mobile phone nearby if exercising alone, in case you need to contact someone. Additionally, it's helpful to inform others that you are participating in an exercise programme—this can be someone living with you or not. Simply let them know and consider checking in with them after your session to ensure your safety.

We have included a two-part video explanation below to help you understand your exercise programme. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to one of our exercise specialists!

Understanding your exercise prescription: Part 1
Understanding your exercise prescription: Part 2
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