HHTU Away Day 2023

Special News

Due to the increase in size of the HHTU team and the continuation of hybrid working, it was decided that an away day was needed for everyone to get together as a unit. So, the HHTU team escaped the world of clinical trials for a day of getting to know each other and fun activities.

First full team photo for 4 years (minus a few who were ill)!

One of the activities we did the team had prepared in advanced by unknowingly providing answers to a Myers-Brigg personality quiz. This shaped the activities for the day as they were first, unwittingly, placed into teams among fellow work mates who produced the same personality type as them. The purpose of this was to demonstrate how each personality group approached the tasks. The first task was to produce a poster for the fictional HHTU Fair.

The artistic personality types immediately jumped into action designing colourful posters with huge pictures and eye-catching titles. Whereas the more practical personally types carefully considered what to include and included more, less fun, information about the fair. Interestingly the ‘control group’ that consisted of a mix of personality types broke their workload up and individually developed aspects for the poster that came together to represent both artistic flair with practical information.

After the tasks there was the Grand Reveal which explained why they were asked to answer this list of random questions weeks earlier and why they were placed in seemingly arbitrary teams. Reflecting on the approach to the tasks had revealed the traits defined in their personality quiz results. The tasks practically demonstrated that each member of the HHTU team has their strengths and that playing to the strengths of everyone brings out the best outcomes. Armed with that knowledge more tasks were undertaken but this time with an even mix of personality types in each team. The teams now had a better understanding of different approaches and different team member strengths and were able to use that to their advantage. Of course, it’s not possible or fair to pigeonhole people into one ‘personality type’. Every single person is mix of every personality type and the validity of the Myers-Briggs personality quiz is disputed but we believe the message and the principle was well received. Not only are we stronger as a team we are now closer as a team too.