October 2023

HHTU News Roundup

PRETZCEL’s First Recruits

PRETZCEL have recruited their first two participants to the study! PRETZCEL is looking at the use of a new imaging agent in PET-CT scans. This imaging agent attaches itself to a type of immune cell called a CD-8+ T-cell. The imaging agent then allows us to track the behaviour of the CD8+ T cells that play an important role in killing cancer cells. This may help in the development of new drugs that target the immune system and allow doctors to tailor the treatment of patients with cancer. The hard work of the site team at Castle Hill as well as Martina and Bronwen at HHTU have meant the study has now got underway.

HYMS Away Day

On the 18th of October members of HHTU attended the Hull York Medical School Away Day. The event had a global theme and provided an opportunity for those in attendance to consider how HYMS might realise the Strategy 2021-26 and specifically the aim of practising in a global world and building international connections. There was an interesting and interactive presentation by Professor Helen Elsey to challenge our perceptions of global challenges as well as plenty of time to network and meet other members of HYMS.

Mahe presented an ICAHR Seminar

Our Trial Manager Mahe presented at an ICAHR Seminar this month where she introduced the findings of the REDUCE Study (reviewing long term antidepressant use by careful monitoring in everyday practice). This was a study that compared practitioner review and antidepressant tapering alone, with the addition of practitioner and patient Internet support and patient psychologist telephone support. This study was to address a concern about inappropriate long-term antidepressant use in high-income countries, and that there is a limited evidence for successful discontinuation strategies. In the REDUCE study, 131 GP practices in England and Wales participated to recruit 330 patients on antidepressants who were willing to try supported discontinuation of treatment.

DISOG Conference

This month, some of our data team members attended in the UKCRC Data and Information Systems Operational Group (DISOG) National meeting. This event brought together approximately 70 data professionals representing registered CTUs from across the UK. The presentations featured invaluable best practices and shared experiences across an array of data and systems-related topics. An exciting highlight of the event was the announcement introducing our Information and Systems Manager, John Turgoose, as the newly appointed co-chair for the group.

ProACTIVE Work Package 1a Closed

ProACTIVE is a 3 year integrated mixed methods programme of research examining the clinical and cost effectiveness of Alcohol Care Teams to inform the future commissioning of these services. Alcohol-related hospital admissions continue to rise, with estimates that 10% of patients admitted to acute hospitals may be alcohol dependent (AD). Yet, there remains considerable variation in provision of Alcohol Care Teams (ACTs) in England, and a limited evidence base for understanding their clinical effectiveness.

Work Package 1a was a survey built by the Data Management team at HHTU, that will generate a detailed profile of ACT services and activities currently operating, this will be summarised to define currently delivered components of ACTs and the different patient groups with which they work. The ProACTIVE researchers hard work resulted in a very high response rate. The data is currently being cleaned ready for downloading for the ProACTIVE team to analyse.